Justin Trudeau on policy changes on gun ownership

Justin Trudeau on policy changes on gun ownership

Trudeau's interview was wide-ranging, as he spoke about several issues including the Stanley trial, jury selection, rural crime, gun laws and broader national and international issues.
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"We're going to be moving forward with a series of improvements to our gun laws that will be focused on both ensuring that people who want to continue, or need to continue, to have guns have responsible access to them while we bring in measures to ensure that we are keeping our community safe, we are reducing the amount of gun violence," Trudeau said.
Trudeau said he understands concerns raised by people living in rural and remote areas.
Police response times in rural areas is a hot topic among Saskatchewan residents. Trudeau said those types of concerns are also present among people living in urban areas.
As to how he would address those concerns, he said he would do so by listening and engaging in a dialogue.

Source: CBC

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