Toronto Images: Specialized Stock Photos Agency

Today, I am glad to inform you that we have opened our Specialized and Niche Stock Photo agency for Toronto City

This project is the fruit of long years working as a photographer for various agencies in the industry. That is why we do not offer subscriptions or credits model. We strongly believe that photographers and artists shouldn't be paid cents for their work. That is why we strive to achieve a right balance. We offer very affordable prices for licensees ( also incorrectly known as image buyers) and split the revenue 50-50 with local artists. The lowest a photographer gets when an image is license is $1.50

For licensees security, we only use Paypal, Skrill or Stripe payments. They process your payment. The info you submit to those sites is ironclad protected and invisible to us.

As a new agency, we request you send your inquiries to

Hope to see you on board with us!

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