Toronto,Canada: The 7 Most Amazing Facts of the DON JAIL, a heritage building

Toronto, Canada: 7 Amazing Facts of the Don Jail Heritage Building

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The Don Jail is a former jail in TorontoOntarioCanada, located to the east of the Don River, on Gerrard Street East in the Riverdale neighborhood. It was completed in 1864 and was recently renovated to serve as the administrative wing of Bridgepoint Health which is a rehabilitation hospital located adjacent to the jail. 

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Here are the most interesting facts of the old building: 

1- It had a capacity for 184 inmates. Women and men were in separate wings. 

2- The building is one of the oldest pre-Confederation structures that remains intact in Toronto.

3- It was designed by architect William Thomas in 1852. Its architecture is classified as Italianate style 

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4-Before capital punishment was abolished in Canada, the Toronto Jail was the site of a number of hangings

5-John Boyd was the first prisoner executed indoors in a washroom transformed for that purpose. The date: January 1908. Before him, condemned men had been hanged on an outdoor scaffold in the jail yard

7-The prison and hospital also serve as the location of the fictional Dyad Institute in the Canadian TV show Orphan Black

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