Toronto, Canada: 7 Curious Facts of the Leslie Subway Station

7 Curious Facts of the Leslie Subway Station by Toronto Images , Canada

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Leslie Subway Station is on the Sheppard line (purple or line 3) of the Toronto subway system. It is located at 1209 Sheppard Avenue East at Old Leslie Street in Toronto. It was opened in 2002. 

Interesting and curious details: 

1- The station was opened for public viewing on 22 November 2002. But started charging fares on 24 November 2002 (two days later) 

2- It was the last station to be equipped with the Presto payment system (along with Coxwell Station) 

3- The station features 102 spaces of commuter parking. No overnight parking is allowed.

4- The tiles with the words 'Sheppard and Leslie' are actually a work of art by Canadian artist  Micah Lexier

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5- The art is called Ampersand and consists 17,000 ceramic tiles. The handwriting was collected among community members. 

6- The artist is known for works which include large repetitions.

7- Nearby landmarks include the East Don River, the Betty Sutherland Trail, North York General HospitalIKEA North York and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

                   Other Station features

a- It is totally accessible

b- It has a bicycle repair shop

c- It is Wi-Fi Enabled

d- It has a Token Vending Machine

e- It has an area for Passenger Pick-up and Drop-off

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