Goldfish Pets: The 6 MOST amazing facts you should know

Goldfish Pets: The 6 MOST amazing facts you should know

by Toronto Images

Do you plan to own a Goldfish pet?  Your kids? Well, allow me to tell you they are one of the most interesting fish for a home aquarium. As my boy child owns two of them, I decided to research and teach him about them. Surprise, it was me the one who learn a lot and was marveled by this creature. 

Here are the most amazing facts that I found: 

1-Goldfish have their origins in China and they are descendants of the carp.

Telescope Goldfish ©Toronto-Images.Com
2-There are hundreds of varieties of goldfish.Goldfish do not blink…because they have no eyelids! And yes, this means they sleep with their eyes open.

3-Goldfish have teeth in their throat called pharyngeal teeth
Goldfish may (although it is rare) grow as long as 23 inches and weigh nearly 7 pounds. Opposite to what many think, the goldfish memory span is far beyond three seconds. Goldfish have the capacity to learn and adopt patterns of behavior.

Red Goldfish on House Tank ©Toronto-Images.Com

4-Goldfish do not have stomachs. It is the intestine which breaks down the food and absorbs nutrients
5-Goldfish can live up to 30 years—longer than most other aquarium fish.
6-In the 18th century, members of the European aristocracy would remove them from ponds and place them in decorative bowls for special occasions.

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