TIFF 2017: TIFF 2017: Angelina Jolie and other celebrities in Toronto, Canada

TIFF 2017: Angelina Jolie and other celebrities in Toronto, Canada

by Roberto Machado Noa

That great time of year is here again. Along with it many movie stars. Many people rush to spot their favorite actress or actor. I am not an exception. Yesterday, as I walk the 'Festival Street' I could spot Jennifer Lawerence, Idris Elba, Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie from the car direct to fans who were delighted to have selfies and photos signed by the actress
Of all those, I was positively surprised by the candor and love to the fans shown by Angelina. She, after getting off her car, spent a lot of time signing posters and taking selfies amid the crowd. Her face depicted the good emotions she must have in her heart. When she finally finish, I felt the desire of yelling THANK YOU. I think fans should do that with people like her.

Angelina Jolie signing photos

Angelina Jolie poses for a fan selfie 
Jennifer Lawrence, after the premiere of the movie 'mother!' , briefly greeted some fans and headed for the black Cadillac that was waiting for her.

Jennifer Lawrence waves goodbye to her fans
Idris Elba, walked the red carpet with the beautiful model Sabrina Dhowre. He and Kate Winslet were in the premiere of their film 'The Mountain Between Us'

Kate Winslet to the surprise of many showed up walking on the red carpet  She wore a beautiful white dress. 
Kate Winslet arrives walking to the red carpet
On a note, if you are taking pictures with a DSLR don't go into the fan area. They do not allow the use of zooms inside. Only smart phones. That is a contradiction to the rules in the signs which state the zoom must not be longer than 6''. But what can you do? Not worth arguing. I left to the outer area and had good pics anyways.

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