Statement from TTC Chair Josh Colle

Statement from TTC Chair Josh Colle:TTC Board Approves Purchase of 385 New Buses 

The TTC's bus network is the backbone of Toronto's transit system, and today I am pleased to announce the TTC Board has authorized the procurement of 385 new buses. This purchase includes 60 new low-floor Wheel Trans minibuses for delivery in 2018 and 325 new forty-foot low-floor clean diesel city buses and capital spares for delivery in 2018 and 2019.

This procurement will bring the total number of low-floor Wheel-Trans mini buses purchased with City and Federal funding under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) program to 80 buses. In addition, 325 of the newly procured forty-foot city buses will be eligible for 50% funding as part of the PTIF program.

With approximately 60% of all TTC trips incorporating buses, today's announcement will help to improve the reliability of our bus fleet for hundreds of thousands of daily riders and can also be used to improve service. By enabling the TTC to retire older, less efficient buses with higher maintenance costs, this investment will further help to reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Today's announcement is great news for our TTC customers across the city and highlights the importance of strong relationships with our Federal Government partners in improving transit service for Torontonians.

For Media Inquiries, contact:
Kristin Lillyman
Office of TTC Chair Josh Colle

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