Toronto, Canada: Broadview Hotel

Toronto, Canada: Broadview Hotel, a building rich history

by Roberto Machado Noa

The Broadview Hotel is a 58 room boutique hotel. The red brick landmark is situated at the convergence of Broadview Ave. and Queen St. East. 

Broadview Hotel ©Roberto Machado Noa LICENSE IMAGE
The original building opened in 1893 as a retail hall. Later on (around 1907), the place started its role as a hotel. 

The original Richardsonian Romanesque style structure was built for Archibald Dingman. At the beginning, it was called Dingman's Hall.  Its outline incorporates curved windows and a pinnacle which is normal for Romanesque Revival design.


The building's lintels over the windows were likely cut from the Credit Valley sandstone which was the main source of construction materials in the Victorian era. 

Broadview Hotel ©Roberto Machado Noa LICENSE IMAGE
In 1907, the building was sold to Thomas J. Edwards who hired architect George Wallace Gouinlock to change Dingman's Hall into The Broadview Hotel. From the 1970s to 2014 it was the Broadview House, a motel leasing rooms by the week for low-income people. 

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