Christian Belief and The Orlando Shootings. Opinion

Christian Belief and The Orlando Shootings. Opinion
By: Roberto Machado Noa

 I am a Christian, not a religious one but one who has a relationship with God. I mourn for the victims and victims families in the Orlando shooting. There is no excuse for an act like that.

At this point, there is no indication of a religious influence in the motive. However, as I reflect on the terrible crime; I feel compelled to explain my view connecting the Christian faith and the repulsion for such criminal behavior.

First of all, Christ died for ALL of us to pay our sin debt in full and reconcile us with God. As the crown of creation, human beings have freedom to choose their path in this Earth. You can accept the Salvation message or you don't. We all have a time to live, a time to repent or not. No one is entitled to shorten that period, to take a life.

All sins are equal in the eyes of God. That is why,  we need a Savior; a simple lie would disqualify you from Saving yourself on your own merits.Christ forgave the adulterous woman. What would He have done in front of homosexuality?. It is written that adulterers and homosexuals won't enter the kingdom of God. Jesus forgave the adulterer. Why? Because in this life, in this Earth; we are all entitled to God's patience. God waits  multiple times for us to repent! Only, After our death comes God's judgement. Yes, God will judge; not us, not me. Our work in this Earth is to teach and preach his LOVE tirelessly in case ONE might be saved. Leave condemnation to God who is just.

As a Christian I don't approve homosexuality but who am I to condemn? Is an homosexual different from an adulterous woman? Is he different from me? I am also a sinner. Hardly a day goes by without sin in my life. God will judge our lives once we die. It is written!

 I respect and try to understand the LGBT community around the world. It is their problem with God, not with us, NOT WITH ME. As representant of Christ in this Earth, I forgive and preach whenever possible. Jesus asks from all of us to come as we are. He will change us. The change is supernatural, only with His power is possible. I have been lucky enough to see it happen.

Here is a Conference from one that knows much more than me:

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