Toronto Gun Violence and SIU Reports Publications

Opinion on Toronto Gun Violence and SIU Reports Publications

by Roberto Machado Noa

May 19, 2016

I am watching right now Toronto Mayor John Tory and Chief of Police Mark Saunders

Main issues treated: 
1- Toronto Guns Violence
2- Special Investigation Unit Report to Go Public

Regarding the Guns violence, I think that as a new phenomenon it must be acted upon immediately. Violence affects the city and our way of life in all possible ways. It takes cooperation to reverse the trend and each part must do what it takes to succeed. Guns violence is like an epidemic, you can not think it will not happen to you! I totally support the take of the Mayor that the Federal Level must be involved. The issue is appearing more frequently in TO due to its size but it is a matter of time to spread all over the country. Border services has to study the search procedures and adapt so violations in this are are reduced to a minimum. 

The other issue is the releasing of certain parts of the reports from SIU. I don't know why people and even the media insist in the why police are not releasing names of the officers involved. Why do you need them for? As long as the police officer has not violated the law and or committed abuse, names are not necessary. When they violate any law, they will be charged (That is why the SIU is independent from the force). As long as, they are charged you will have the names. Glad to hear the chief saying that 99% of reports show no fault on officers. If we want a safer city, we need to support and trust our police again. They are risking their life's to protect us all.

Those are my opinions in these issues. Thank God for Living in a Free Country.

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