Symbolism of Maple Trees

 Toronto Images: Symbolism of Maple Trees and Maple Leaves

Maple trees are probably the favorite shade and ornamental tree in the US. There are more than a dozen species. They are all relatively tall growing and their leaves are relatively pest free. The flowers and fruit are not very impressive, but most children have found enjoyment in playing with the winged seeds and their "helicopter" type flights. And in the fall, they provide some of the richest colors. From silver maples to sugar maples, they are always a popular tree. 

Toronto Images: Maple Leaves in Autumn
Toronto Images: Maple Leaves in Autumn

Maple is a tree, whos loving spirit will help us to bring a balance to the male and female energies within. This is particularly true of the sugar maple, from which maple syrup is developed. Europeans learned the art of sugaring from the Native Americans, and htey each developed their own techniques. For the most part, a tap is inserted into the tree in the early spring, allowing the sap to flow out. It is then slowly boiled down. It takes about 30 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. This insertion of the spout to produce a flow that leads to sweetness has been likened to the sexual act. When the male and female come together there is always a new birth. 

Toronto Images: Maple Leaves in Winter
Toronto Images: Maple Leaves in Winter

The Native Americans have a strong connection to the maple and they often speak of its spirit loving the company of humans. The love works both ways though. Humans love the maple just as fervently. 

All maple trees though are associated with the linking and balancing of the male and female. Maple trees balance the yin and yang, the electrical and the magnetic. This tree's spirit and the archetypal energies behind it help the individual to ground psychic and spiritual energies and to find practical means of expressing them within their lives. 

It is activating to the chakras in the arches of the fet, which enable the individual to stay tied to the energies of Mother Earth. It was a popular tree for making and using magic wands - especially for sex magic and for awakening th intuition. For men, a staff or wand of maple is often beneficial to work with as it facilitates the awakening and proper expression of the feminine aspects of nurturing, intution, and creativity. For women, the staff or wand of maple helps them stimulate more outward creative expression. 

The beautiful maples have the energies of sweet promises and aspirations. They awaken the inner fire, which illumines without burning. Maples remind us to keep a balance between our masculine and feminine side. When they are in balance, our intuition is sharper, our creativity is stronger and we are healthier. 

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