What makes the BIBLE the most sold book?

Is the Bible a Miracle Itself?

The Bible, the Word of God is the most sold book year after year. Our culture hates the simple mentioning of the name Jesus. Most don't like the Bible because God reveals the shortcomings of mankind. The Bible is the book that confront us to everything we wouldn't want to hear about ourselves. Its purpose is to lead us to SALVATION and not like many claim to be better persons. The Salvation comes to repentace and faith in the sacrifice of JESUS. We do not have to do ANYTHING, just believe!

Yeah, God is WACKO... He teaches us how bad we are, He offers SALVATION for free, He sends Joshua to do nothing in conquering Jerico, just march around the city for various days and then yell, He chooses Moses who stutters to demand the Egypcian Pharaoh to release Israel from Slavery, and many other crazy things. Yet he sets the paramater SALVATION IS BY FAITH.

The Bible teaches that for the unbeliever the Word of God is Craziness. And it is, because it goes against our insticts of auto suficience, independence, selfishness, etc.

You would wonder how can I trust a book like that?

Here are some reasons:

B. The Bible is a collection of 66 different documents.

It might be easy to have internal harmony if the Bible was a single book, but it’s not. It’s a compilation of more than five-dozen different books.

C. The Bible was written by approximately 40 different authors.

It would be easy to have internal harmony in the Quran. It contains the teachings of just one man—Muhammad, born about 570 years after Jesus. The Bible is completely different than the Quran in this regard; it contains the teachings, the writings, of approximately 40 different people.

D. Many of the Bible’s authors came from different educational and cultural backgrounds.

Peter was a fisherman. Paul was a scholar. Daniel was a prime minister. Asaph was a musician. Matthew was a tax collector. David was a shepherd, then a king. Luke was a historian and medical doctor.

E. The Bible was written over a period of approximately 1500+ years.

Many of the authors did not even know one another.

F. Many of the authors were separated by hundreds of miles geographically.

The Bible was written in a variety of places on three different continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. For example, Paul wrote four letters imprisoned in Rome. The apostle John, wrote while a prisoner banished to the Isle of Patmos in the Mediterranean Sea. The prophet Ezekiel wrote his work while held captive in Babylon.

G. The Bible was written in three different languages: Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think of pulling together forty different people (spread out over fifteen centuries, on three different continents, who speak three different languages) and having them write sixty-six different documents regarding life’s most controversial questions—I’m thinking we are going to have some serious problems. That book is a going to be a confusing and difficult read!

Yet, in spite of  all these factors, the Bible is a perfectly harmonious, consistent account of how God is seeking to reconcile sinners like you and me back into relationship with to Himself. This internal consistency is powerful evidence the authors of the Bible were being guided by the Holy Spirit when they wrote the different books of the Bible.

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