Trinidad,Cuba: Sightseeing Everyday Life

Trinidad,Cuba: Sightseeing Everyday Life

Things You Can Do in Trinidad,Cuba

Photos by Roberto Machado Noa

Trinidad de Cuba is a Unesco World Heritage Site and a major tourist landmark in the Caribbean Island. Here are the things you can DO when you visit:

Walk around in the old colonial center.
Go to the beach on the Ancón peninsula, a 5-10 minute taxiride outside the city center. It is well within biking distance from Trinidad; there may also be a local bus running (check at the local bus counter at the bus terminal, located on the left as you enter before the Astro counter). The peninsula is one of the few places in Cuba where you can access a great beach without staying at a resort hotel. Make sure you have mosquito repellent, especially if you intend to stay on the beach in the evening.
The Museum of the War Against the Bandits (Lucha Contra Bandidos) is in  former convent close to the cathedral near the Plaza Mayor in the old colonial center. The War Against the Bandits was the 1961-1969 fight against U.S.-sponsored counterrevolutionaries, who hid out in the nearby mountains. If you don't read Spanish the displays may be difficult to understand, but the piece of the American U-2 spy plane shot down speaks for itself. Also well worth the entrance fee is the mirador (view) from the convent's tower, reached by several flights of wooden stairs, which has superb views across the whole town.
The cathedral is beautiful inside.

Also the market in the old colonial center which is nice to walk around and look at the handicrafts - drawn thread tableclothes and linens seem to be a speciality. The vendors are refreshingly laid back, you can look around and get virtually no hassle or pressure to buy.
The streets are cobble stones and very irregular and walking could be difficult for older folks. Wear runners for sure. Do not even think about wearing high heels. Your ankles will pay.
Climb the hill behind the town to get a great view. To get there, continue up the hill northeast from the Plaza Mayor. As you walk up the hill you go through poorer neighbourhoods. You may be asked for clothes or trinkets by the local kids. Seems pretty safe during the day but be careful at night.
There's a very atmospheric discotheque in a cave near the top of this hill (Las Cuevas). There is no sign or indication that it is there, just a steps leading into a hole in the ground behind a bush. It is in a huge cave with stalagmites and statactites. More tunnels and caves can be seen near the bathrooms. This is where young Cubans go to party, the music is mainly reggaton and techno. Fun starts after 11 pm. Very much worth checking it out. Cover charge for foreigners was 3 CUC [2012-09] including one drink (cocktail or beer). Beers were overcharged for foreigners (3.0 CUC asked) but could be paid for at the price for Cubans by flatly paying 1.5 CUC at the counter [2012-09].
Take one of the day tours offered by Cubatur. These include several options to Topes de Collantes, or a trip to the Valle de Los Ingenios on an old train with a restored carriage (if the steam engine is working ... if not, check back the next day). The train costs $10CUC per person. It is a nice way to spend a day for those with difficulties walking. The smoke from the steam engine can be thick, so watch out if you already have breathing difficulties.
Join a local tour on a horseback ride, the horse should take you into a forest half way and you will need to hike about half an hour into the forest, which leads to an amazing waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a cave you can swim into. In summer times, it is recommended to take a swim in the water fall, afterwards, the horse back ride trip will take you through muddy roads hiking back to the town of Trinidad.

Disclaimer: Text is taken from the Wikitravel

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