The New Nikon D5 Unveiled in Toronto,Canada

Nikon Canada Unveils the New D5 Flagship in Toronto

by Roberto Machado Noa

Still being a Sample camera, Nikon showed the new Nikon D5 to its base of professional photographers and sellers. I was honored in being there.

The new Nikon Flagship has some new ground-breaking features that I already want to have.

First of all, the autofocus processor is totally independent. Yes, they added another processor just to the autofocus function. The camara also have 153 focusing points. Available to the photographer are 55 of those, the rest is used by the algoriths to achieve more accuracy specially in moving subjects.
The 3d autofocus is able to follow faces and color. When following color, it means you can focus on a volleyball player behind a net (Nikon rep gave this example).

Second, the natural ISO goes up to 102,000 with new algoriths for reducing noise. I tried it at 32,000 ISO on a semi dark closet and got a pretty decent picture with almost no noise.

toronto images attends the new Nikon D5 presentation
Introducing the New Nikon D5 

The camara can focus at -3EV. That is more or less, focusing on ground objects on a night with a full moon covered by clouds.

Nikon is moving away from the pop up flash. It doesn't have. I don't think it needs it. Only if you use it for Creative Light System it would be useful.

The Nikon D5 creates videos at 4k UHD 24/30fps and is able to smoothly change the auto ISO when moving from dark to light scenes and viceversa.

The fine tune lenses is done by the camera. You set the process in motion and the camera keeps the info so whenever you put the same lens on, it is focusing optimized.

The LCD at the back has better resolution and the screen is touch. A new feature is that you can preview normal jpeg or optimized images. Optimized images allow you to browse your work faster with the movement of your finger over the screen. In addition, allows you to rate your images in just by touching the screen. Very useful for news and sport  photographers.

There is an extra add on (paid apart) that allows news and sport photographer to send jpeg files directly to ther companies. The wifi capability has shorcomings when compared to the new D500 (DX). The difference is caused by the alloy body the D5 has. The body as in previous models is weather proof.

Nikon representants claim better color processing, better skin tones, and many more features I simply don't remember because the load on info was too much and I was not in a professional reporter job

Finally, the first ones will hit the market in about two months.

Hope this helps to those interested.


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