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Vinales Valley or Viñales Valley

Vinales Valley or Viñales ValleySlideshow by Toronto Images
Viñales Valley is a karstic depression in Cuba. The valley has an area of 132 km2 (51 sq mi) and is located in the Sierra de los Órganos mountains (part of Guaniguanico range), just north of Viñales in the Pinar del Río Province. Tobacco and other crops are cultivated on the bottom of the valley, mostly by traditional agriculture techniques. Many caves dot the surrounding hillfaces (Cueva del Indio, Cueva de José Miguel).

The conspicuous cliffs rising like islands from the bottom of the valley are called mogotes. Viñales is a major tourist destination offering mainly hiking and rock climbing. The local climbing scene has started to take off in the last few years with many new routes being discovered resulting in an increase in local tourism.[1] Many endemic plants and animals are specific to this valley. Flora found in the region include Bombaxemarginatum, mountain palm (Gaussia princeps), Ekmaniantheactinophilla, and Microcycas…

Toronto Taxi Drivers Protest vs Uber and the city lack of bylaws enforcements

Toronto Taxi Drivers Protest vs Uber and the city lack of bylaws enforcements by Roberto Machado Noa Toronto Images was present during the protest of the Taxi drivers of the city against Uber, UberX and the lack of bylaws enforcement by the city. The main point was the FAIRNESS isssue. The taxi drivers are competing with Uber with different regulations Taxi drivers must be registered, pay a license to the city, fees, change tires every certain amount of km, and other requirements...Uber's cars on the other hand are private and they operate outside this frame. The city has placed regulations for Uber to meet, however, the police has said they don't have enough man power to enforce the meantime Uber continues to operate. 
The Mayor and other personalities understand this is a disruptive technology, they agree is good for the consumer in lowering prices, etc. However, they are working in more regulation to make the competition fairer. These new rules should be working …