The Cuban Contradictions in Speech and Facts

The Cuban Castro's Contradictions in Speech and Facts

by Roberto Machado Noa

Being a child, I remember growing in Cuba with an kind of idolatry for Fidel Castro. I will never forget his speeches when the Cubana plane was bombed in Barbados. Or, when he retired boxers from a competition because judges were partialized in favor of opponents.... I also understand the lack of freedom and other violation of human rights. I also understand the embargo is cruel and not just. But I leave all those big issues to people who know better than me.

My point in this small blog is to point out a contradiction that Socialist Cuba still have.
As defender of the poor of the Earth, Fidel Castro once said that with what the developed world threw away, countries could live of. What we throw away the poor can live. That is a HUGE TRUTH. I feel sad when in Toronto, I see practically new doors, furniture, toiles, beds, etc (you name it) in the garbage. I can't help but thinking in the Cubans. No doubt they are well educated but poor in the vast majority.
Cuban seniors sell things in the streets to keep up with economic changes
Cuban senior selling coconuts in the Sancti Spiritus Blvd. ¤Roberto Machado Noa

Now, the cause we cannot send things to Cuba is not the US Embargo. It is the Cuban Government. Why? Because, whenever you want to enter, bring or import a thing to Cuba they want to CHARGE you more than the item is worth. They want to exploit Cubans abroad, make money from us...

In a time they had reasons (which I don't agree with) for example: emigrants were counter revolutionaries, or that they didn't want to create differences in a communist society, etc. But now all those reasons have disappeared. Most of us living abroad are against the Embargo or Blockade (as they call it), most of us don't want to overturn the Cuban society, most of us have understood the good things they have which are better than in many parts of the world. Most of us just want to help our families and country citizens. Besides, after all the changes in the economy have already brought huge differences in the Cuban society....and those will grow in time.

Isn't this a contradiction?

As a Cuban living abroad, I am asking the Cuban government to ease restrictions in bringing things to Cuba. Also, I want them to remove the capability customs have to "judge" if you bring things for sale or not.

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