Religion and the terror attacks

Religion and the Paris attacks (Reflection)

by Roberto Machado Noa

Let us be careful. Here is one of the meanings of the definition of RELIGION: a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.
Toronto images religious photos of Catholic Church detail
By becoming attackers of religion some are becoming religious themselves. Religion in itself is not the cause of terrorism, it is the RADICALIZATION of some religion....#prayforparis #paris #terrorattacks

The unbeliever, fall in the trap of generalizing and simplyfying things. So for them is easier, less complicate to blame Religion in general. It is easier,less complicated to understand. Even the educated ones fall in this trap when emotions are high due to the Paris attacks.

Religion has been proven to improve the human condition in many areas. Religious people are able to leave behind many generally rejected attitudes like selfishness,excessive drinking,adultery, name it. It is not that they are better human beings but by obeing a God of Good, they achieve the same things that those who have had the chance of educating themselves.

When it comes to Religiosn there are many. Each one with different characteristics. Unfortunately some leave room for RADICALIZATION. Those radicalized individuals or groups are the enemies of humanity.

Disclaimer: Roberto Machado Noa is a follower of Jesus Christ. I do not consider myself religious person but a person in a relationship with God, the one that sent Jesus Christ so that humanity could live in peace. The one that demands repentance and humility before learning from him. Those conditions are rejected naturally by human nature...therefore peace is not possible.

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