Personal Opinion about the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Old City Hall

Remembrance day celebrations in Toronto
Toronto Remembrance Ceremony: Poppy in Canadian Flag ¤Roberto Machado Noa

Remembrance Day Ceremony in Toronto

by Roberto Machado Noa

Beautiful ceremony, the one held today in Toronto, I mean the Remembrance ceremony at the Old City Hall. 

I am a Canadian Citizen and also a Christian. Christianity are in the roots of our country. We got it from the British. England flourished when they embraced Christianity and its values.

I am thankful from this country, they way I was received,welcomed, and given the freedom to thrive in equal conditions as everybody else. I am thankful for all who fought to achieve this paradise named Canada. Let us not forget, blood has been spilled, sacrifices have been made. That is one of the reasons I am writing this blog.

I know this is a delicate topic, and I want to express my opinion. I do not consider myself a Conservative Christian, neither a religious person. I am a follower of Jesus.

I was disgusted today when they prayed in the ceremony and ended "in all of your names" I know God has many names which means among others: Provider, The Way, Saviour, God with us, etc. For saying those names in public they wanted to stone Jesus because He was actually saying: I am God. That is a major blasphemy since one of the ten commandments was: Do not take the name of the Lord in vain. God is really jealous about HIS NAME because it represents His essence. 

I strongly feel that Canadian culture is Chirstian one and even from a non religious point of view ( a cultural one), we should have said: In JESUS name.  I won't enter in details because there is where conflict arises however I want to give an example to make you think.

Canada supports Israel all the way. All three candidates in the past elections confirmed that. Now, most immigrants come from countries where Israel is presented as evil. I am not to judge that but as a Christian, I know from Israel we got the Bible and the Savior. Here is a Bible verse about Israel: May those who curse you be cursed and those who bless you be blessed Gen 27:29. 

We stand by Israel because is our culture, our view of the world. Immigrants have to bear with that whether they like it or not. Then why, we compromise the Name of God?. 

I mean, it is OK receiving immigrants no matter the religion they bring, the culture they bring. The Bible teaches being nice to them and helping them all we can. Tolerating their beliefs is Ok. Letting them preach in the streets is Ok because here they are free. But compromising our beliefs to accomodate them is not acceptable when it comes to the Name of God. How then are they going to hear about the real God? The ONLY name given to men in which they can be saved.

Jesus sent us to make disciples all over the world. Now disciples are coming to us and we are not being firm in our beliefs. We are mixing them or diluting them. That shoudn't be!

I am already thanking God for his Grace and Patience. We deserve punishment and He remains quiet...only He knows till when

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