Cuban Ciego Montero Water is a Nestle Brand

Cuban Ciego Montero Water is a Nestle Brand

by Roberto Machado Noa

I was working on my photography from the latest trip to Cuba and I was surprised to know that Ciego Montero Water is a brand belonging to the multinational Nestle.

The Ciego Montero water is the most popular among tourists in the Caribbean Island. Despite some shortages from time to time, its flow to the public is pretty regular compared to other products. E.g Cristal or Bucanero beer. It is hard to find those nowadays. As an incipient market economy, the national beer price has gone up to 2.00 USD or 2.00 CUC (which is the same due to a fictional valuation) in some places.

Cuba news: Ciego Montero bottle of water in a white background
Ciego Montero water happens to be a Nestle brand. ¤Roberto Machado Noa
The water is described by Nestle as "Market leader and highly reputed premium water from the Cienfuegos region"

On top of all that: I just learned the Cuban government plan to export bottled water to Caribbean countris. In comparison with Canada where major forces (NDP party and Green Party) are trying not to sell Canada's water (and Canada has a lot of Water); the Cuban government plan to make some money exporting water.

On my part no comments.

Read more here about Cuba's Exporting Water:

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