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Religion and the terror attacks

Religion and the Paris attacks (Reflection) by Roberto Machado Noa
Let us be careful. Here is one of the meanings of the definition of RELIGION: a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. By becoming attackers of religion some are becoming religious themselves. Religion in itself is not the cause of terrorism, it is the RADICALIZATION of some religion....#prayforparis#paris#terrorattacks
The unbeliever, fall in the trap of generalizing and simplyfying things. So for them is easier, less complicate to blame Religion in general. It is easier,less complicated to understand. Even the educated ones fall in this trap when emotions are high due to the Paris attacks.

Religion has been proven to improve the human condition in many areas. Religious people are able to leave behind many generally rejected attitudes like selfishness,excessive drinking,adultery, name it. It is not that they are better human beings but by obeing a God of Good, they achieve the…

Toronto Pay Tribute to Paris Terror Victims

Toronto Pays Tribute to the French Victims and Stand in Support with France (Best Photos) by Roberto Machado Noa
In an emotive vigil held today in Nathan Phillips Square, the people of Toronto took a stand against terror once more. They also honored the victims of yesterday's terror attacks.

Signs stating "No Fear", "Vive La France" and French flags were seen during the event.

Personalities included: Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Carolyn Bennett, Toronto Mayor John Tory, Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath and the Consul General of France in Toronto among others

Scenes of sadness and pain were common but at the same time the resolution not to be fearful because of terror was in the air

Parents teaching their children the love for France and to stand against evil was seen in the simple act of drawing a French flag with chalk on the floor. It soon became the improvised memorial wall in Nathan Phillips Square. Another child was the first in bringing his candle.


Personal Opinion about the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Old City Hall

Remembrance Day Ceremony in Toronto by Roberto Machado Noa Beautiful ceremony, the one held today in Toronto, I mean the Remembrance ceremony at the Old City Hall. 
I am a Canadian Citizen and also a Christian. Christianity are in the roots of our country. We got it from the British. England flourished when they embraced Christianity and its values.
I am thankful from this country, they way I was received,welcomed, and given the freedom to thrive in equal conditions as everybody else. I am thankful for all who fought to achieve this paradise named Canada. Let us not forget, blood has been spilled, sacrifices have been made. That is one of the reasons I am writing this blog.
I know this is a delicate topic, and I want to express my opinion. I do not consider myself a Conservative Christian, neither a religious person. I am a follower of Jesus.
I was disgusted today when they prayed in the ceremony and ended "in all of your names" I know God has many names which means among o…

The Cuban Contradictions in Speech and Facts

The Cuban Castro's Contradictions in Speech and Facts by Roberto Machado Noa
Being a child, I remember growing in Cuba with an kind of idolatry for Fidel Castro. I will never forget his speeches when the Cubana plane was bombed in Barbados. Or, when he retired boxers from a competition because judges were partialized in favor of opponents.... I also understand the lack of freedom and other violation of human rights. I also understand the embargo is cruel and not just. But I leave all those big issues to people who know better than me.
My point in this small blog is to point out a contradiction that Socialist Cuba still have. As defender of the poor of the Earth, Fidel Castro once said that with what the developed world threw away, countries could live of. What we throw away the poor can live. That is a HUGE TRUTH. I feel sad when in Toronto, I see practically new doors, furniture, toiles, beds, etc (you name it) in the garbage. I can't help but thinking in the Cubans. No doub…

Cuban Ciego Montero Water is a Nestle Brand

Cuban Ciego Montero Water is a Nestle Brand by Roberto Machado Noa I was working on my photography from the latest trip to Cuba and I was surprised to know that Ciego Montero Water is a brand belonging to the multinational Nestle.
The Ciego Montero water is the most popular among tourists in the Caribbean Island. Despite some shortages from time to time, its flow to the public is pretty regular compared to other products. E.g Cristal or Bucanero beer. It is hard to find those nowadays. As an incipient market economy, the national beer price has gone up to 2.00 USD or 2.00 CUC (which is the same due to a fictional valuation) in some places.
The water is described by Nestle as "Market leader and highly reputed premium water from the Cienfuegos region"
On top of all that: I just learned the Cuban government plan to export bottled water to Caribbean countris. In comparison with Canada where major forces (NDP party and Green Party) are trying not to sell Canada's water (and …

New York a City Full of Treasures

New York City: Awesome Policy to Keep their Heritage by Roberto Machado Noa Recently, I have the opportunity to visit New York City. As many say, it is the capital of the world. You see everything. Much more when you visit only for two days. Emotions rush in and you feel the adrenaline pumping to visit another place.
Compared to Toronto, we beat the North American city in cleanliness. We have more public garbage bins and maybe, a better culture of keeping our streets clean. It is hard to find where to throw a bottle of water in New York. Both cities are in a construction boom. The big apple is much faster and crowder. Their coffee, is not as good ( compared to our Tim Hortons). However, New York beat us in a thing.

They have strict laws to protect and preserve their architectural heritage. No building older than 30 years can be demolished. In the historical district, permission must be asked to a certain commission to clean the vintage buildings facade. Jackeline Kennedy Onassis and o…
Symbolism of the Sea in the Bible   by Roberto Machado Noa
There is Christian song that gives me the goose bumps. It is named "No Longer Slaves" by Bethel Music.  Very emotional and touching if you believe in God, if you are a Christian. For me the verse when they say: You split the sea so I can pass right through it  is the culprit and I will explain.

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In the Bible, the sea is asociated with the evil, here I cite Forerunner Commentary:


The symbol of "the sea" is similar to that seen in the beasts rising out of the sea and out of the earth (Revelation 13:1, 11). It designates origination, representing the realm of the earth. Christ's origin is the realm of heaven, but the beasts, part of a corrupt system, come from the sea and the earth. The sea, a body of water, symbolizes "peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues" (Revelation 17:15). 

End of Quote
As you know, God opened the sea so Israel could pass safely when they w…

Toronto Images Explores Your Rights As Photographer

Toronto Images Explores Your Rights As Photographer    by Roberto Machado Noa Recently Toronto Police was looking for a man who stopped his car in a neighborhood and starting taking photographing a girl child. Police would like to talk to this man and find out what he plans to do with the pictures.
Some articles have been written in the Globe and Mail and other influential newspapers in Toronto. In a nutshell, they make clear (even the Toronto police) that there is no crime in taking pictures. You can take pictures of everything or anyone while you are in a Public Place. Even, take pictures of police officers in action. Average citizens can not claim privacy when in  a public place however they can do it when the place is not public E.g their houses,hotels, restaurants, etc. Public figures cannot claim privacy in any circumstance. That is the cost of being a personality.

There are ethical considerations to have into account. As a photographer you don't want to be rude or be picki…