Toronto Ripley's Aquarium at the base of the CN Tower

Toronto Images explains the Toronto Ripley's Aquarium at the base of the CN Tower

by Toronto Images

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada is a public aquarium in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The aquarium is one of three aquariums owned and operated by Ripley Entertainment. It is located in downtown Toronto, just southeast of the CN Tower. The aquarium features several aquatic exhibits including a walk-through tank. The aquarium has 5.7 million litres (1.5 million gallons) of marine and freshwater habitats from across the world. The exhibits hold 13,500 exotic sea and freshwater specimens from more than 450 species.
Ripley's Aquarium of Canada was originally planned in 2004 to be built in Niagara Falls. Construction began on the attraction in August 2011 with a final cost approaching C$130 million. 
Ripley's Aquarium has been the target of animal liberation groups such as TARA (Toronto Aquarium Resistance) and MAD (Marineland Animal Defence) who claim that animal captivity is synonymous with animal abuse and regularly conduct protests and demonstrations at the facility. Prominent animal conservationist Bob Timmons has also publically spoken out against Ripley Aquarium's capture of endangered tiger sharks.
The aquarium holds 5.7 million litres (1.5 million gallons) of water and shows marine and freshwater habitats from around the world. 
Exhibit Areas:
  • The Canadian Waters exhibit features animals from all the bodies of water surrounding Canada. The gallery has 17 habitats. 

  • The Dangerous Lagoon is an underwater tunnel with a moving side walk, which is the aquarium's largest tank. Some of the featured animals in this thrilling exhibit are: sand tiger shark, sandbar shark, roughtail stingray,green sawfish, green sea turtles.
  • The Discovery Centre features various hands-on activities such as underwater viewing bubbles, a pop-up research submarine and a touch pool which allows visitors to touch living fossils.
  • The Touch exhibits gives visitors the opportunity to touch the skins of various animals like sharks and sting-rays with the help of aquarium employees. 
  • The Gallery exhibit, also known as Mother Nature's Art Gallery, features some of the most delicate underwater species from all over the world.
  • The Planet Jellies exhibit has colour changing displays with five different species of jellyfish. The jellyfish that this exhibit features are: pacific sea nettle, moon jelly, spotted jelly, and upside-down jelly.

Toronto Images recommends a visit to the Ripley's Aquarium if you ever in Toronto. It is a breathtaking experience featuring the most amazing water creatures in a combination of colorful lights and quiet ambience.
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