Toronto Images: How to Photograph Silky Water

Toronto Images: How to Photograph Silky Water

by Roberto Machado Noa
by Toronto Images

Silky water is one of the most beautiful and creative picture you can take. Photographing it requires perseverance,certain good physical shape and may be a stop down filter (depending on the amount of ambient light)

This technique is best suited for cameras that have the ability to manually adjust the shutter speed and focus. DSLR cameras are best equipped for this type of setup.

  1. First of all, lower the ISO to the minimum (lower number). 
  2. Then set the camera to Manual or Shutter Priority Mode. Since we will set the speed to a lower number we will need a tripod. 
  3. Mount the camera on the tripod. Due to the nature of the terrain surrounding a water fall or water body, sometimes is dificult to set and level the tripod. Be patient.
  4. If you have any, stabilize the tripod with some weight.
  5. Experiment with the Shutter speed. Start at about 1/8 and look for the desire result.
  6. Use a stop down filter if you are shooting in a bright day or time of the day.
Use this simple techniques and you will have a picture worth some money. 
Happy shooting friends!

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