Restaurants: Casa del Gobernador and Santa Rosalia in Santa Clara,Cuba

Restaurants: 1878 Restaurant and Santa Rosalia in Santa Clara,Cuba

by Roberto Machado Noa

There is two Restaurants in Santa Clara (Cuba) which used to be schoold for poor children.

The 1878 restaurant used be the scool Pedro Nolasco for poor boys. To its left there was an empty field which later became Santa Rosalia, a school for poor girls.

The Santa Rosalia school was donated by Rosalia Arencibia Plana, madre de Martha Abreu de Estevez. La construccion cost 20,000 pesos in the epoch. Nowadays is the luxurious Santa Rosalia Restaurant destined to tourism.

On the other hand, the Restaurant 1800 was the best restaurant in Santa Clara during the Fidel Castro government. Nowadays, with stronger competition you can not say that anymore.

For the quality of the Cuban food, you can have good meals in both at an affordable price. The Santa Rosalia Restaurant offers better quality and service. I would recommend the lobster in this place.

Please, if you value your time don't visit the Casa del Gobernador (nearby in the area). They take ages in serving your meals. It is luxuriuous and fance for Cuban standards but they think quality of service requires lot of time on your part as  a guest...

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