Some Advice for Filming with Drones

Toronto Images explains Some Advice for Filming with Drones

by Toronto Images

Tips for filming with drones

Tip 1: Choose a Remote Location

By choosing a remote location you are able to control your flying equipment with less pressure. Besides, inside cities there are regulations that restrict or forbid the use of drones.

Tip 2: Go Over Your Shots With Your Model

Drones have limited battery life and people have limited patience. So double checking the purpose of the shoot will save you time and make you achieve better results. This one is good for all stock shooting sessions.

Tip 3: Pull Away from Your Subject Rather Than Flying Towards Them

It is safer and more comfortable for the model if you fly away from them rather than towards them. You don't want to end up with a funny video of hitting your model in the head. Doesn't look professional...

Tip 4: Higher Altitudes Need More Exaggerated Movements

If the drone is flying higher the model needs to over act-like in the theater- in order to make his/her movements noticeable in camera.

Tip 5: Keep Your Subject Away from the Edges of the Frame

Most cameras used in drones use wide angle lens which cause distortion in the edges so you want to keep your model away from them.
Drones make look your videos drastically better. I love them for taking images of Toronto Canada. If you are going to use people in them please follow these recommendation for better results
Happy Droning!

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