10 reasons and more, I will vote Liberal in the Canadian Election

10 reasons and more, I will vote Liberal in the Canadian Election

By Roberto Machado Noa

As a Canadian Citizen, I am really excited about the upcoming election.

Canada and Toronto (in my case) are a safe heaven for immigrants. I am glad we have the chance to elect the course of our country in a free election. Coming from Cuba, the only experience I had was voting for only one party. One party that supressed freedoms but cared in extreme for its people. With that background, I care for both extremes: I want the freedom and also a government that serves its people.

In this election all of us must be responsible.

In my opinion, Harper looks much like a "democratic" dictator.
  1.  He presents himself as the the only one able to lead the country in this "dangerous world".
  2.  He reinforces the policy of fear whenever possible.
  3.  In social media, he is dividing Canadians in regards to the niquab.
  4.  He signs freedom restricting bills (C-51). He signs secret agreements that nobody has heard of until they are signed. When the car automakers mention that that deal would cost about 20,000 jobs, Harper offered a billion to help them. So it must be true that the deal get 20,000 workers in danger of not being able to support their family. 
  5. He only cares about exporting raw materials. The raw materials policy doesn't create jobs in Canada. 
  6. Toronto, the most important city in the country, has more than half its working population working part time (Toronto Star). 
  7. The income splitting only helps the rich. 
  8. Money to Health Care was cut in the  order of billions.
  9.  He has run 10 years in deficit.
  10. A recent report of CP24 says many more people than usual are registering for private education of their children.
I am not saying he is a bad person. In my opinion he has lost touch with Canadians. He is only making the rich richer. He is following the United States path to a wilder capitalism. He is getting us farther away from the Commonwealth values. One could easily say he is working for the CIA.We do not deserve that.

Harper touches our egoism by promising less taxes and better economy. Where will he get the money from if it is not but from cutting more services? No sir, I prefer to pay more taxes and have a more equitative country. A country where the richer pay more to society. A country where the middle class can foster.

Clearly we have two options apart from Mr. Harper. The Mulclairs's NDP and the Liberal Justin Trudeau. 

Earlier in the campaing I was for the NDP however Justin won my heart by speaking fearlessly and responsible. He declared he would place more taxes in the rich, he didn't deny he needed to government in deficit to invest in the country. Justin Trudeau wants to protect the country against terrorism but eliminate the fear policy. He is young as Harper claims but much more in touch about what Canadians want. He grew under Trudeau senior, so you can see his love for Canada and Canadian values. He will be willing not to stain his father legacy.

Mr. Mulclair has an awesome plan and I would vote for him too. Unfortunately, he has gone down in popularity. That makes my option to get Harper out much easier. I will vote Liberal. I am inviting all NDP supporters who want Harper out to change their vote to Liberal. That is our best bet to assure a happy result.

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