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Restaurants: Casa del Gobernador and Santa Rosalia in Santa Clara,Cuba

Restaurants: 1878 Restaurant and Santa Rosalia in Santa Clara,Cuba by Roberto Machado Noa

There is two Restaurants in Santa Clara (Cuba) which used to be schoold for poor children.

The 1878 restaurant used be the scool Pedro Nolasco for poor boys. To its left there was an empty field which later became Santa Rosalia, a school for poor girls.

The Santa Rosalia school was donated by Rosalia Arencibia Plana, madre de Martha Abreu de Estevez. La construccion cost 20,000 pesos in the epoch. Nowadays is the luxurious Santa Rosalia Restaurant destined to tourism.

On the other hand, the Restaurant 1800 was the best restaurant in Santa Clara during the Fidel Castro government. Nowadays, with stronger competition you can not say that anymore.

For the quality of the Cuban food, you can have good meals in both at an affordable price. The Santa Rosalia Restaurant offers better quality and service. I would recommend the lobster in this place.

Please, if you value your time don't visit the Cas…

The Person to Person Repression in Cuba 2015

Toronto Images speaks of the Person to Person Repression in Cuba by Roberto Machado Noa
It has been already 20 days I came back from Cuba. Cuba is my home country. I immigrated to Canada seven years ago. My reasons, as for many Cubans of the younger generations, were merely economic. Even during the paperwork, I asked to keep my Cuban residency. The law at the time was that I must leave definately. Due to political issues with the USA, if you decided to leave your country you were a kind of traitor. In contrast, the media spent hours justifying that the immigration was a normal phenomenom in the entire world (which is)
Then, Fidel Castro fell ill. His brother Raul took power. Raul had been the Minister of the Army. To everybody's surprise, he started the change in Cuba. Nowadays, he is holding steady and making the changes go slowly. In my opinion, he is looking after the legacy of the Castro family. Fidel who brought socialism and himself who started the reforms.
It is been a wh…

10 reasons and more, I will vote Liberal in the Canadian Election

10 reasons and more, I will vote Liberal in the Canadian Election
By Roberto Machado Noa Toronto Images Owner
As a Canadian Citizen, I am really excited about the upcoming election.
Canada and Toronto (in my case) are a safe heaven for immigrants. I am glad we have the chance to elect the course of our country in a free election. Coming from Cuba, the only experience I had was voting for only one party. One party that supressed freedoms but cared in extreme for its people. With that background, I care for both extremes: I want the freedom and also a government that serves its people.
In this election all of us must be responsible.
In my opinion, Harper looks much like a "democratic" dictator. View image |  He presents himself as the the only one able to lead the country in this "dangerous world". He reinforces the policy of fear whenever possible. In social media, he is dividing Canadians in regards to the niquab. He signs freedom restricting bills (C…

Toronto Images: How to Photograph Silky Water

Toronto Images: How to Photograph Silky Water
by Roberto Machado Noa
by Toronto Images

Silky water is one of the most beautiful and creative picture you can take. Photographing it requires perseverance,certain good physical shape and may be a stop down filter (depending on the amount of ambient light)
This technique is best suited for cameras that have the ability to manually adjust the shutter speed and focus. DSLR cameras are best equipped for this type of setup.
First of all, lower the ISO to the minimum (lower number). Then set the camera to Manual or Shutter Priority Mode. Since we will set the speed to a lower number we will need a tripod. Mount the camera on the tripod. Due to the nature of the terrain surrounding a water fall or water body, sometimes is dificult to set and level the tripod. Be patient.If you have any, stabilize the tripod with some weight.Experiment with the Shutter speed. Start at about 1/8 and look for the desire result.Use a stop down filter if you are shoo…

Toronto Images, a niche stock photos agency, launches.

Toronto Images, a niche stock photos agency, launches.
by Roberto Machado Noa
by Toronto Images

Toronto Images (, a specialized stock photo agency, launches!

During the first week, you can get every product 50% off, just use the code: TORONTOIMAGES34

The new and small agency goes for a niche in the most important city in Canada.

The agency has a growing collection of images of Toronto. Roberto Machado Noa, his owner and founder, has been in the stock photography busines for more than seven years. He contributes to prestigious agencies like Getty,Corbis and Alamy. In Toronto Images you can buy his images at a fraction of the price compared to those agencies I just mentioned.

Toronto Images is a private corporation licensing specialized images of the amazing multicultural city who welcomed Roberto seven years ago when he immigrated from Cuba.

Our licensing scheme is easy. We only have a license: Royalty Free Standard Editorial. No hassle.

Toronto Images tries to sa…

Nikon wins several desing awards!

Toronto Images Just Learned that Nikon wins several desing awards!
by Roberto Machado Noa
by Toronto Images

Toronto Images found out that Nikon Corporation and their products won the "Good Design Award" sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design. Among the products recognized were the Coolpix P9000, the Nikon F6, the Fildscope ED50 A.
View image |
The Nikkor lenses won the Good Design Long Life Award in recognition to their steady quality over the years.

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Toronto Ripley's Aquarium at the base of the CN Tower

Toronto Images explains the Toronto Ripley's Aquarium at the base of the CN Tower by Toronto Images

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada is a public aquarium in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The aquarium is one of three aquariums owned and operated by Ripley Entertainment. It is located in downtown Toronto, just southeast of the CN Tower. The aquarium features several aquatic exhibits including a walk-through tank. The aquarium has 5.7 million litres (1.5 million gallons) of marine and freshwater habitats from across the world. The exhibits hold 13,500 exotic sea and freshwater specimens from more than 450 species. Ripley's Aquarium of Canada was originally planned in 2004 to be built inNiagara Falls. Construction began on the attraction in August 2011 with a final cost approaching C$130 million. Ripley's Aquarium has been the target of animal liberation groups such as TARA (Toronto Aquarium Resistance) and MAD (Marineland Animal Defence) who claim that animal captivity is synonymou…

Some Advice for Filming with Drones

Toronto Images explains Some Advice for Filming with Drones
by Toronto Images

Tips for filming with drones
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Tip 1: Choose a Remote LocationBy choosing a remote location you are able to control your flying equipment with less pressure. Besides, inside cities there are regulations that restrict or forbid the use of drones. Tip 2: Go Over Your Shots With Your ModelDrones have limited battery life and people have limited patience. So double checking the purpose of the shoot will save you time and make you achieve better results. This one is good for all stock shooting sessions. Tip 3: Pull Away from Your Subject Rather Than Flying Towards Them It is safer and more comfortable for the model if you fly away from them rather than towards them. You don't want to end up with a funny video of hitting your model in the head. Doesn't look professional... Tip 4: Higher Altitudes Need More Exaggerated Movements If the drone is flying higher the model needs to over ac…