Open Letter to the Ministry of Finance of Canada

Toronto Images writes an Open Letter to the Ministry of Finance of Canada

by Roberto Machado Noa

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to complain about the treatment I a have received as a Canadian Citizen who needs an US dollar account in a Canadian Bank (RBC)

When the account was requested for the first time, I received a rotund, inflexible NO. As a result, I tweeted many politicians and media in our country including the Honourable PM Stephen Harper. I got no attention from anybody, except by the RBC Client Care.
An agent called Josephine (1-866-620-0456) contact me "concerned" about my issue. She reassured me that as a Canadian I could open the account. She profusely apologized and yada yada... She arranged everything, so I went with my passport to the 1919 Lawrence Avenue East branch in Scarborough, Ontario. They opened my US dollar account and I went home.
Less than 10 days later, they closed it without notice or conversation. About a month after, I received a notice letter with the same rhetoric about my Cuban origin and "Terminating" the account.

I cannot help but thinking that my rights as Canadian Citizen are being violated. 
Before contacting your office, I contacted the OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) whose agent had no reply to my question. She  sent me to call FCAC (Financial Consumer Agency of Canada). Karen ( employee number 1875) replied and  took note of my complaint but she could neither reply despite searching for info in her system. Karen ( #1875) told me to call CDIC (1-800-267-8376) . Grace (no employee number she said) answered there, unfortunately, she had much less of an answer. She didn't even know who could reply such concern. Grace requested that I emailed the Ministry of Finance  and here I am.

I wonder, how does a Cuban who is not even a citizen in the US bank in there? Are we Canadian Citizens of Cuban origin less than the Cuban residents and even illegal Cubans living in the United States?

As a Canadian, I know the law is above all and everyone. That is, the Canadian Law,  Not US law applied to a Canadian Citizen.  I wonder, Do they (US) have this prerrogative? If they do, we are nothing but a Colony as many claim. 

Something is definitely wrong here and I truly need an answer

Thank you very much,
Yours truly

  Roberto Machado Noa  

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