Read God's Mind... Can we mock Him?

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By Roberto Machado Noa

The recent events in the Charlie Hebdo magazine in France have made me think about the mind of God.

I am writing this not as religious person but as a follower of Jesus Christ. That is a huge difference.

The purpose of God when He created us was to have a relationship with Him. If your main focus is reading His word and loving Him you are a follower, the rest comes on its own weight as a fruit not as a must...if your focus is to follow rules, or being busy doing stuff to save yourself you are religious.

A follower has freedom; a religious person don't. I am allowed to say that YOU CAN MOCK GOD. Knowing his mind; I know that when you MOCK Him, He might let it pass or He might not. God says...let the vengeance to Me. In other words, do not take revenge, do not take it in your hands, instead forgive and pray.

God is patient and willing to forgive almost everything we do because he LOVES us. He says, how can you love God whom you don't see if you do not love your human brother whom you see. We humans are the crown of His creation. God gives life and He takes it away. DO NOT MURDER is one of the 10 commandments.

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The law (First five books of the Bible) was given to get to know God's mind. The purpose of the law is to show us that we are unable to comply with every single requirement coming from God. The law points to Jesus with many prophecies. Jesus explained: You are looking for your salvation in the law, you try to comply with it and be saved, you want to do it on your own HOWEVER the law speaks of ME. In other words, salvation on your own, on your merits is imposible.  Salvation comes by accepting the Sacrifice of Jesus in the cross, His spilled blood paying for our sins, His resurrection. Only by faith can you be saved so that nobody claims glory. We are all equals in God's eyes. No work can impress HIM.

So as a perfect creation of God; you have freedom. You can mock HIM, you can curse HIM, you can do as you want. It is your free call. The same on God's side, it is HIS call. He might let it pass or no.

There is only one thing God will not forgive. It is known as the UNFORGIVABLE SIN in the Bible. That is not accepting the sacrifice of Jesus. The only name given to men in which they can be saved. You are free not to accept it but if you do; you will regret it when you personally meet GOD.


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