Made in China. Work of Art by Maria Ezcurra in Chinatown Toronto

Toronto Images take on Made in China. Work of Art by Maria Ezcurra in Chinatown Toronto

by Robert Machado

If you walked in Chinatown till October 13, 2014 you couldn't have missed it: A space between two separated buildings were filled with a wall of clothes. It is impressive.

At the begining, I thought it was the idea of some businessman but after I took the picture and started reseraching I learned that it was a Work of Art. The artist name is Maria Ezcurra a Canadian/Mexican artist.

Displayed in Chinatown Made in China is a popular work of art in Toronto
Made in China by Maria Ezcurra
 She wanted to represent the connection between two cultures and it was supported by Scotiabank Nuit Blanche and the Chinatown Business Improvement Area Centre.

The installation is composed of clothes labelled "Made in China" donated by the community and set in this alleyway. The art work as a facade and creates the sense of physical and symbolic connection among cultures represented by the two buildings. The artist also expressed that she wanted to connect globalization and tradion.

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