Why the Ice Wine is expensive
By Roberto Machado

Recently, we took a tour to Niagara Falls and included an ice wine testing

Ice wine is excellent, I tell you. The taste is out of this world specially if you like sweet wines. That is what it is a dessert wine. The bottle sells anywhere from 60 to 100 dollars. At first, we found it expensive but when the moderator explained we understood.

First of all, the grapes must be frozen in the vine before picking them up. They have to be picked up at -10 to -20 degrees of temperature. The workforce for doing that is expensive.

My mother tasting the Red Ice Wine. Being from Cuba she loves sweet stuff
Second of all, if the weather is not appropriate producers lose the whole crop and cannot produce the wine. If everthing goes fine, the sugars and other solids do not freeze but the water in the grape do. When procesing they can extract 5-1 less juice, of course, much more concentrated. This means they need 5 times more grapes to achieve the same amount of wine.

Canada and Germany are the largest producers in the world. Canada produces 75% of all ice wine in the Niagara region.

For more pls visit Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_wine

Thanks for reading.

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