The new Bombardier Flexity Outlook streetcar features

Toronto Images explains: The new Bombardier Flexity Outlook streetcar features

Here you will find some of its new features:

1-They’re fully accessible, so anyone using a mobility device will for the first time be able to access the streetcars.

The new Bombardier Flexity Outlook in a TTC patio in Toronto. The first public viewing2-Riders who require wheelchair ramps at stops will be able to press a blue button with a wheelchair symbol on it, located on the outside and inside of each streetcar. Then ramps will descend  

3-They have twice the capacity as the existing ones, with bicycle storage during off-peak periods and air conditioning for muggy summer days.

4-It will also feature all-door boarding. Currently, passengers can only board and pay fare at the front of the existing streetcar.

 5-Tough-to-ignore flashing red lights and a lit-up stop sign at the rear to warn motorists and cyclists to halt while passengers get on and off at a stop.

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