The New Nikon D750

Toronto Images writes notes on The New Nikon D750

By Roberto Machado Noa

Sometimes those who wait are rewarded. Recently, Nikon annouced the new FX D750. In my opinion the best quality value relationship in the market. The Nikon D750 is much closer to the D800 than to the D600, but with a better tag price.D750 front
Main Features of the D750
  • 51 Point Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX II with Group Area AF – updated version to the one in the D810 and D4s
  • New EXPEED 4 processor
  • 24 megapixels – 36 is too much in most cases
  • Dual Memory Card slots 
  • Up to 12,800 Native ISO (Expandable to 51,200 ISO)
  • Vari-angle LCD display – for many pro photographers this would be a non-sense feature, but for those using the camera for video it is a welcomed feature.
  • $2,299 Price point!

What Should Have Had in my Opinion

  1. Max shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second rather than 1/8000th
  2. Dual SD memory card slots rather than 1 SD and 1 CF memory card slot
When and Why should you buy it?
  • If you are in the market for a Nikon full frame camera.
  • If you want a camera for sports and action with a good frames per second (FPS) rate
  • If you want a stronger AF system than the D610 without the price or feature set of the D810
  • If you don’t want the extremely large file size of the D800 and D810

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