Alien's are not Dangerous

By: Jose Machado

About the author
Jose is my son of eight years old who was born in Cuba. His family moved to Ontario when he was old enough to go to school. He really likes school. Jose doesn't like to handwrite but he wants to get good at it and tries hard. In the future, Jose wants to become a paleontologist because he likes dinosaurs and fossils.

Aliens are not dangerous

Once upon a time, a king lived happily eating good food in his castle. It a regular Sunday when suddenly an U.F.O came down from space. An alien stepped out of the U.F.O and looked at the king.

-I am the best of the universe - the alien said

The king was angry

-I have a whole kingdom- the king yelled and they started arguing

They argued for 15 min. The king said he had 100 people in his kingdom. The alien said he had more than 100 people in his base planet. The were both angry and started playing rock,paper and scissor to decide who was better. The Alien won the first match, but then the king won the second match. The felt nervous. Who would win the final match?

Before the king and the alien could do the final match, a knight suddenly opened the door. He saw them arguing and said: Does it really matter who wins? 

The king decided to become friends with the alien. The both learned that nobody should be better than anyone else, they should be friends intead

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