Photographing the Moon


Last night, I photographed a full moon. Today, I would like to share how I did it. I hope you try it! It is fun and an interesting thing. This blog has allowed the backlinks feature.

The first thing you need is a tripod. Why? because you will be using a long zoom and the slightest movement makes you lose sharpness. Sharpness is very important to get a worthy result. Then, as I mentioned you need a zoom lens. I used a 300mm all the way.

Next thing is not to press the shutter manually. You will need to set your camera on the tripod and use the timer, a cable release or a remote control.

If you follow your camera's automatic you will end up with a white dot in the photo, no details whatsoever! Here is what you need to do.

Measure the scene with the automatic function but then turn to manual and underexpose till you see the details. For instance my automatic told me f/8 and 1/4 at ISO 500. After four of five exposures I end up taking this shot with f/18 and 1/320 at ISO 500. Then, I adjusted in Lightroom for more details and cropped.

Why ISO 500? Well I made a mistake and forgot about the setting I had. You can do it with the lowest ISO your camera allows. Bear in mind your settings will be different.

Kind Regards and Good Luck Shooting

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Thank you very much

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