What do brides really want?

In my experience, brides want more than having beautiful pictures. They want to feel that their wedding day is special, and, that they are special. Because of that, here you will find five reasons than many professionals photographers forget when working in a wedding. They are all related to one of our main values: It is THEIR day, not our day.

1. Efficient communication. Communication is HUGE when working with brides. Especially with today’s brides. Today we have  email, texting, and social media. They are forms of communication for many brides. It’s all about fast, efficient responses.

2. Connection with vendorsThe best weddings are always those in which the brides have a good relationship with their vendors. It’s just the honest truth. Many brides know that when they’re meeting with potential vendors, they need to have a good connection with them. When you have that good connection with a bride, they will completely trust what you recommend for them.

3. Great quality. More and more brides are leaning the importance of great quality. It’s crucial to let them know that they will indeed be receiving that great quality for their own wedding. It reassures them that they have made an investment in hiring YOU.

4. Knowledge of today’s wedding trends. Today’s brides are ON TOP of today’s wedding trends. Sometimes a little too much, and sometimes not quite enough. I’ve seen everything from trend overload, to brides wanting what was popular years ago. But ultimately, as a wedding professional, you are expected to know what’s popular, what’s out, and most importantly, what’s going to be BEST for your bride.

5. A wedding that reflects THEM. Ultimately, couples today want a wedding that is going to reflect THEM. They usually have a few ideas in their head already about what they want, and they really just want their vendors to be on the same page and be able to make it happen. They want their weddings to reflect their personalities and their relationship.

Did you thought of that?
See you in our next wedding and thanks for reading!

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