Small Little Trick

Do you like Canon or Nikon? Well for the purpose of this article it doesn't matter. Both are very good and both, in the rush of the competion, make mistakes. Me, particularly like "Nikon". However, their D7000 has a small flaw. Do not misinterpret, it is a great camera. I own it as a second body for weddings and other assignments. But, here is what differentiates a pro from an amateur.

The D7000 needs glasses! I am just kidding but it is true. Its focusing system is semi-flowed. It cannot focus correctly with different lens, especially those that have large f/stops like 1.4, 1.8 or 2.8. You need to manually refine the auto focus system. This is done in the 'tools' menu where it reads 'AF Fine Tune'

Set up a tripod with your D7000 body and place an object with high contrast edges in front. I like something with letters. Then, place your lens in the body and set the camera to Aperture Priority. Open the lens wide. Give a large range to your auto ISO in case you are in a low light situation. It is important that the focusing point is the center one and that you have set the body to point focus.

Focus the letters and shoot. If necessary use a remote or timer shooting to avoid any kind of vibration. Examine the pic at a 100%. It will probably be slightly out of focus! Then, in the Menu use the "AF Fine Tune" and try different values till you get a clear image. In my experience, the majority of D7000's adjust to the negative values.

Test every lens and when you are happy save the value. The camera will identify the lens you are using and remember correction value. Problem solved!

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Robert Machado

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