Styles in Wedding Photography

By: Robert Machado

A close and smooth communication between the bride and the photographer is a vital to achieve excellent results. The couple in love should design a person to help the photographer identify the people who is to be photographed and the order of the activities as they happened. The photographer needs this info to choose his tools properly, to be in the best position in advance, and to alleviate the load of stress. Generally, the best photos are taken when the photographer and the couple are relaxed. Braedon Flynn- a famous wedding photographer- usually warns the bride: "You will see me more than your groom".  If you are a bride and want to guarantee photos with the style you have in mind, you must ask the photographer what is his main style.  Assure yourself that the photographer's style matches yours.

There are three main styles in wedding photography:
  •  Photo-journalistic: Mostly candid and on the fly shots, the photographer acts as an observer. A truly photojournalist style covers the story sequentially as it happens and focus on emotions. Recreation of these moments will bring you joy for a lifetime. Be prepared to see some (perhaps few) photos that reflect great emotions and moments but are not technically perfect. In photo-journalism, the technique goes to a second place due to the rush of capturing the moment. Of course, you can always decide if you like it or not. The photographer will have plenty to choose from. A good photo journalist wedding photographer is thinking on lightning and composition while splitting attention between the couple's parents, the couple itself or the guests trying to capture those tears of the bride's mother during the vows or the pride of the groom's father for the good choice his son has made and so on and on... I must warn you; the photojournalistic label is widely used as a marketing tool these days. Many photographers use it to describe their styles without being a fit.
  •  Traditional: Mostly posed and semi-staged pictures. The photographer acts as a director. Traditional photographers concentrate their efforts in posed portraits and rarely capture candid moments. The quality of traditional photography is usually judged by sharpness, lighting, correct skin tones, and the use of the background. Most traditional photos are instantly recognizable, as many poses are standard for all weddings. The glamorous photos you see in magazines fit more this style. 
As you can see these two above are totally opposed to one another.

  • The fashion-based approach: The contemporary fashion-based wedding photography will combine candid images (photo-journalistic) of the events with posed images that are inspired by editorial fashion photography as would be found in magazines. This style often involves more innovative and dramatic post-processing of images.
This is the style Yelo34Wedding Photography is practicing. After a vast experience in studio and posed photography the market requires that  we change and adapt. We still provide studio service and our main goal is to enter as a leader in the Toronto market with this style. If you visit our website you will be able to see our excellent quality offered at introductory prices that will make your day if your budget is not vast.

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