Setting Prices for Wedding Photography

Hi, to all my readers. Today, I want to try a different channel to get my message across. Everybody knows how important is to have a presence in YouTube, so I opened my own channel where I will talk about wedding photography and other photography stuff, maybe technical or tips. I am not sure yet!
Please, forgive my spoken English, I thought I spoke it better till I heard the video...ahh! , the price we must pay. I strongly believe, I am a much better writer than speaker.

My theme today addresses all the factors that a Professional Wedding Photographer must have into account when setting his prices. Customers, do not understand much of this,  so our job is to patiently explain them. I consider myself an affordable wedding photographer, so don't get scare by the argument. 

 In my previous blog: Please, do it for free! I touched base regarding this theme in a funny way.  Today I want to add a more serious link that has been signed by several photographers in support of the views expressed. They put it better than me so I would appreciate if you payed them a visit when you have time. In addition, consider our time breakdown because that is where all the hard work is. You will be amazed to know that we only spend 12.2 % of the time taking pictures (and that is what we really love).

 Have a wonderful day and excellent luck in choosing your photographer. Remember, competition is not bad but when something is too good to be true, you are most certainly right. 
Thanks for visiting us!

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