Today I treat a basic lighting set up professional wedding photographers use and I compare it with the standard flash on top of a camera.

This system and the professionalism in using it, it is one of the aspects why professionals photos look different than the rest. With our assistant positioning in the most convenient angle we achieve volume, softer light and beautiful colors.

Professionals use the flash on top of the camera exclusively as a fill or trigger, never as the main source of light. When in a reception, we rent  pieces like the Quantum or more powerful ones. We distribute them in the hall to achieve the unique lightning we desire. They are all activated remotely. The result is tack sharp and well balanced images  because we can set higher shutter speeds and use the sweet spots of our lenses.

Your invited to watch this video. It is mainly intended for brides and grooms. The intention is to help them choose a better photographer for the most important day of their lives. You may also want to watch our previous video on prices.


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