Qualities of a Wedding Photographer

Currently, it is an honor to be a professional WeddingPhotographer not only because you get excellent compensation but because you gain community status. Today's Wedding Photographer is not merely a craftsman but an artist.

After a careful research, I could put together the qualities that a Wedding Photographer must have in order to be successful:

  • Likability: The Wedding Photographer must be a people's person. He/She must feel comfortable when surrounded by people because that confidence inspire security in the couple and guests.

  •       Consistency: One of the most difficult things to achieve because it only happens with time and a lot of practice. You develop a style, a way that sets you apart from the rest. In my opinion it is the first step to greatness.

  •   Be up to date: You should read current bridal magazines and know what is going on, the new trends and styles.
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  •          Cool under pressure: A considerable amount of money has been invested by the couple and specially the bride to look the absolute best. This is an unique moment in time, there are no second chances! So the Wedding Photographer must know a variety of photography styles and be able to execute them under absolute time constraints. In addition, you require an excellent technical ability (you must know your gear).  It will help your confidence under pressure. Many photographers do not pursue wedding photography because of this.

  •     Be a keen observer: You must be able to anticipate what is going to happen and be ready to capture it. The ability to record the small things that people usually miss will impact your clients when they see the proofs.

Are you willing to risk your big day to luck? Many trust their friends and they only get a photographic record when what they really expect is imaginative and inspired images of one of the most important day in their lives. My advice, hire a professional.

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