How We Spend Our Time

It is a perception that we wedding photographers spend 80% of our time taking pictures and there are some people who even think that we only work the day of the wedding. I can understand this and graciously smile when someone brings it up to me.

In order to clarify this misconception I did some research. Hopefully it will clear up some misconceptions and give some inside into what goes on behind the scenes after we leave the reception. Be prepared for a surprise, here is how weddings photographers actually spend their time:
  • 28.4%  Editing photos so they look their best
  • 12.2%  Taking pictures
  • 10.5%  Album design and production
  • 9.7%    Meeting and communicating with clients
  • 8.9 %   Bookkeeping, taxes, insurance and banking tasks
  • 8.7%    Blogging (like me now) or in social sites
  • 6.2%    Going to print orders or pick them up
  • 5.9%    Doing marketing or advertisement
  • 3.8%    Doing computer or camera upkeep
  • 5.5%    Networking
What do you think? Are you surprised? We would like to hear your comments!
And we also do photography as a hobby...jaja. Here is a little sample

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